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At FBW, each case is unique because of what’s at stake – the quality of life of our clients, their families, and their businesses. Our results speak for themselves. Below are just some of the motorcycle injury results the attorneys at Fried Bonder White have achieved for their clients:

  • Over $4 million to motorcyclist struck by unauthorized construction worker playing around on a front end loader, who spun around into slow moving traffic hitting FBW’s client. The city, county, state, and construction company all had intertwining relationships and defenses that had to be untangled to recover for FBW’s client.


  • $1.75 million to a couple who were just underway to Sturgis with nothing but open road ahead them.  This couple meticulously cared for their bike, even maintaining tire pressure logs, but still ended up with a life-flight and long recovery due to the negligence of  the tire installer that left a hidden time bomb inside their rim, which exploded on the open road at highway speeds.


  • $1.35 million to the parents of a motorcycle rider tragically killed by a car driver’s sudden and illegal U-turn.  Unfortunately, the driver had no assets, and the settlement reflects the maximum possible amount from all available insurance policies.


  • $900,000 to a motorcyclist hit by a delivery truck driving in the wrong direction on a one way road. FBW’s client suffered herniated discs, broken ribs, hand, clavicle, and other injuries from the collision.

  • $650,000 to a motorcyclist hit by a rideshare driver entering a gas station. FBW’s client suffered broken ribs, hip injury, and a mild concussion.


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